Support points

The TERMOTECH above-ground pipeline must be installed on supports. To reduce the stress in the pipeline, the supports should be installed at adequate distances. The hanging supports should be installed on rigid structures to prevent additional stress in the pipeline. Following three basic support points can be differentiated:

  • permanent support – permanently attached to the ground and pipeline. It cannot move in any axis.

  • directional support – this is a pipeline fastening method to enable pipeline movement along pipeline axis. It moves on a roller or sliding base.

  • moving support – this is a pipeline fastener which can move both along and perpendicular to the pipeline axis (obviously in a limited range). It is based on a sliding plate in a special casing.

permanent support

The selection of pipeline routing type (natural or artificial expansion joints) is an individual matter requiring a case-by-case analysis. One should always consider which of the methods is better justified for a given application. The decisive criteria can be as follows:

  • conditions at the pipeline erection site

  • routing possibility

  • structure and support costs


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