Grupa Konsultingowo-Inżynieryjna Kompleks S.A.

Grupa Konsultingowo–Inżynieryjna Kompleks S.A. is a modern company with established history, operating on the Polish market since 1991.

The head office, logistics center and production halls are located in Wałbrzych, whereas the company branches are located in Wrocław, Warsaw and Cieszyn.  

The company Kompleks can be regarded as the pioneer in the scope of plastic ventilations systems in Poland. In the early 90', convincing the customers to install systems made of plastic was a difficult task. Shortage of experts, technical information and, lack of trust for new technologies triggered our company to adopt a number of roles related to the investment process, i.e. design, company training, purchase of materials and installation. At that time ventilation systems made of plastics have been commonplace in the western countries. At present, the ventilation systems of plastics are hugely popular also in Poland and Kompleks now boasts a major role it contributed in this long-term process of promoting the use of plastics in ventilation system.


Two basic areas of Company operations are related to the industrial sector and swimming pool market as well as sales of equipment and technologies for projects executed within these sectors.

Extensive technical knowledge and experience in systems made of plastics allowed us to cooperate with major execution companies in this sector. Piping systems offered by Kompleks successfully operate in plants owned by companies such as PKN Orlen, Lotos, TVP, major chemical plants, numerous combined heat and power plant, steel plants, edible oil processing plants and many others.

The company consequently develops and expands own production lines:


  • production line for TERMOTECH composite pipes;

  • production line for rectangular ducts and fittings of CHEMOWENT system










As part of our operations on the swimming pool market, Kompleks has supplied products to several hundred swimming pools built in Poland, including major projects such as aquaparks in Sopot and Zielona Góra, Termy Maltańskie in Poznań, aquapark in Zakopane. The deliveries included the processes of transmission, filtration, chemical water treatment, ozonation and temperature control.


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