TERMOTECH Duroplasty system structure

Preinsulated pipeline system components

  • composite pipes

  • composite fittings

  • connector unit

  • fasteners

  • additionally pipes, fittings and valves without preinsulation



Additional elements of the preinsulated pipeline TERMOTECH Termoplasty system:

  • electric heating cable

  • tightness monitoring

GRP conduit pipe

Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP). It is produced by oversaturation of glass materials with various types of resins (polyester, vinyl ester and epoxide resins).
The industrial systems are among the most demanding areas of application in terms of structural, material and functional requirements. Therefore, the materials required in these applications must be characterized by high corrosion and chemical resistance, physical strength and long service time. GRP meets these requirements. It is an ideal material for industrial applications wherever the operating conditions are demanding
However, it is not only its properties, but also the variety of applications which makes its truly superior to other materials.

The main advantages of GRP conduit pipes are:

  • high chemical resistance

  • long service time

  • mechanical strength

  • low weight

  • high resistance to abrasion

  • wide range of operating temperatures


The pipes and fittings are produced based on DIN 16965 and DIN 16966 standard guidelines.
The pipes are manufactured in the process of cross-winding of resin-oversaturated glass fibers on numerically controlled CNC winding machines.

The fittings are manufactured in the process of glass mat and textile lamination, manually.

Standard production range:

  • Diameters between DN25 and DN2000

  • Pressure range between PN4 and PN40

  • Temperature range up to 120oC

The design of GRP pipelines depends on three basic pipeline parameters:

  • medium to be transported by the pipeline

  • operating pressure inside the pipeline

  • operating temperature

These parameters were taken into account during the designing of out pipe production systems. However, it is possible to produce a non-standard order at the client's request - individual selection of resins, pipeline layer thicknesses and other components to obtain required physical and chemical properties.

Thermal insulation

Insulation in the form of PUR polyurethane foam is characterized by very goos thermal insulation properties which also greatly increases composite material stiffness.

Basic parameters:

  • thermal conductivity ratio λ<0.027W/mK at 50oC

  • foam core density ρ>45kg/m3

Sleeve pipe

Depending on the type of system and user preference, 3 types of sleeve pipes are possible:

  • hard polyethylene (PE-HD) pipe of density of ρ>944kg/m3 and corona-treated internal surface meeting the requirements of PN-EN 253 standard.

  • SPIRO spiral wound pipes of galvanized sheets as per PN-81/H-92125

  • SPIRO spiral wound pipes of aluminum sheets as per PN-87/H-92833


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