Selection and installation

Detailed selection of respective TERMOTECH Termoplasty system elements shall be carried out after following details have been taken into account:

  • type of pumped agent

  • concentration of pumped agent

  • temperature of pumped agent

  • system type (above ground, underground)

  • if constant temperature of pumped medium is required, also the required temperature range

  • designed length of TERMOTECH Termoplasty preinsulated pipeline system


We provide full assistance in designing support arrangements for our pipelines.

GRP conduit pipe joining methods:

laminated front-face or cross connection – it is a non-detachable connection of pipeline elements consisting in lamination of joined elements. This method of joining is suitable for pipelines of any diameters.

laminated front-face or cross connection

glued coupling connection – it is a non-detachable connection consisting in gluing a pipe end to a specially formed fitting resembling a spigot with a dedicated glue. This method of joining can be used for any pipeline diameter manufactured by us.

glued coupling connection
flange connections - pipes and fittings are supplied with flanged ends

flange connections



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